Minnesota Self Defense

True self-defense preparedness covers such a wide variety of related topics to preserving one’s self. This is beyond just the scope of martial arts. Think about preserving one’s self. Fantasy vision of a man taking on a group of thugs Chuck Norris style or a lady in a dark parking lot macing her would-be assailant. Those are uncommon situations.

We could learn a lot from the folks who survived the Great Depression and their way of thinking. I remember my grandma and grandpa having a full pantry full of food with everything from soups to beef jerky to toiletries. They were prepared for a Minnesota blizzard/natural disaster/national emergency etc. true self-defense is preserving your own ability to survive any and all crisis situations man-made or natural.

You should be able to swim, build the snow shelter, drive a stick, drive a motorcycle, have food and toiletries and water for your family for six months, learn how to shoot multiple weapons, or how to build a shelter, have gold and silver bullion, the list goes on and on and on. Imagine if you will the United States power grid going out. Experts say it would take six months to repair. How quick do you think your local grocery store would run out of food?

How long before chaos in the streets, martial law, looters and villagers take over… not long. What’s that old saying? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of pain. The old-timers knew this, but we have quickly developed into an instant gratification society living from week to week thinking that everything is just going to cruise along okay.

There’s tons of research to support this is a nuclear device dropped over the center of the country not even devastating as city and send out such an EMP that would wipe out the whole power grid structure. Now I am not advising putting on the tinfoil hat buying 50 guns and 100,000 rounds of ammunition all I am advocating is that you up your level of preparedness for self-preservation.

I want to talk about a few stereotypes it’s a touch comical and a little over the top but chances are you’ve met one if not all four of these legitimately.

1. The survivalist: has multiple pistols/revolvers/long guns/shotguns etc. Thousands of rounds of ammunition, walks around in camouflage has every new unique knife and gadget and water filtration system. He’s thinking of getting a 75 foot cargo box made of steel to bury in the earth. He has a backpack in his house and in each vehicle just in case he has to bug out. He hasn’t gone hunting or fishing since he was a kid doesn’t know how to clean either animal or fish, is usually 50 to 100 pounds overweight and gets out of breath walking up a flight of stairs.

2. The Hunter: the avid outdoorsman. He’s never home because it’s fishing season, deer opener for bone marrow, deer opener forgotten, deer opener in Wisconsin, deer opener in Minnesota, deer opener in Iowa, Kansas, pheasant opener, and trips to Canada to fish and hunt. The only thing this guy has in common with the survivalist is the guns part ,but he actually uses for food. The proper sportsman knows a lot about the outdoors and animals in their natural habitat and we could learn a lot from him.

3. The martial artist: he’s been known to walk around Target in his karate pants or kung fu sash. He can’t wait for someone to grab his wrist, no not that wrist, no, the other hand, no up higher. He studies Zen, Buddhism, bows in public, learns Japanese and fights off imaginary assailants wherever he goes. If he’s a Mixed Martial Arts fan he is at your local Buffalo Wild Wings every Saturday night watching the fights, wears his tap out or affliction shirt, trains at your local MMA gym, and can really defend himself.

4. The health and fitness buff: they’re always talking about their gains, how much you weigh to how many grams of protein you should eat, the best way to become vascular, and how to not spike your glycemic index. They usually wear smaller shirts so they can show off how big they are. If conversing with said person, any slight movement on their part, they will act in pain because it was leg, trap, arms, shoulders, back day. They have enough supplements to choke a horse and are usually gassy in a not so refreshing way.

Again I joke, but in reality you should become a little of each. Because each one is attached with dogma that is very real and their prospective subcultures. For instance, the survivalist and the Hunter both think that the gun is the be-all, end-all when it comes to self-defense. The health and fitness buff thinks they are tough and know-how to defend themselves because they have a six pack of abs and dude check out my biceps, but in reality they’re usually the easiest to defeat. The martial artist has a notion that he can take on an armed opponent- two or three if necessary, disarm them and knock them out.

What I recommend is to take the good things from each stereotype, have some of the survivalists equipment and gadgets, as well as guns and ammo. Know how to hunt, fish and clean the animals using all of your bounty like Native Americans or Eskimos. Be in good shape like the martial artist or health and fitness buff, but understand that the gun is a powerful tool and learn how to shoot. Get your right to carry and eat healthy.

You can dive into this very safe subculture without going overboard in any one direction learning preparedness and skills you will hopefully never need but will have them in case you do.